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      Switchpod- Bio  




      Since I was six years old I have loved shooting all different types of firearms, but that eventually simply was not enough to feed my desire for more knowledge of these wonderful tools that we proud Americans have not only secured our freedoms with but have also used for hunting and sporting as well.

         Long distance shooting was the next skill I wanted to hone and shortly following that the ability to reload ammunition was almost a requirement to learn. Out of this came the need for more accuracy. This required me to learn how to run machinery and the subtle art of machining and owning the equipment to attain a tighter tolerance than a factory built rifle.

         I spent two years training with current and former members of our military at a local outdoor range practicing and learning small group movements, communication, ranging, and moving while shooting in both advancing at targets as well as increasing the distance from targets maintaining cover for members further down range.

          This all eventually leading me to find the Full30 forum and becoming friends with the members and sharing my love of firearms with all of them.


      Switchpod - Quality Cotton Tee
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